Industry Relations department Provides Numerous Internship every year.Annual survey data shows that 80-90% of our graduating engineers have experience outside the classroom prior to graduation.Employers seeking to promote intern should post their positions on handshake and contact us for additional publicity to current students. Students determined to gain engineering experience in industry should pursue opportunities in their field-of-interest. Deparment also conducts mock placement which helps students to prepare for actual placements before taking place.


A request received from the industry for carrying out an investigation / research / design referred to/by the Director/Dean (R and D)/ Head of the Institute /Director to suitable faculty members for providing a solution to a problem is termed as a consultancy project. A project may be taken up as a Departmental Consultancy Project by the concerned department. Further, a project referred to an individual faculty member may also be taken up as Departmental Consultancy Project at the request of the faculty member. Normally, Consultancy Project involving multidisciplinary/ inter departmental inputs or requiring use of extensive institutional facilities, likewise projects which are expected to run for a long period may be considered by a department to be taken up as Departmental Consultancy Project.


The aim of higher learning is to develop the capacity to respect the ideas and feelings of others; healthy criticism, appreciation, and present own ideas and seek clarification. The learner should be able to present his own views on the theme. His potentialities can only be developed by employing higher technique of teaching and instruction at higher level. A workshop is one of the main techniques used for higher learning. The workshop explicitly focuses on the context because the successful implementation of generically described teaching methods in units of learning heavily depends on the context Workshop is defined as assembled group of people who share a common interest or problem.

Industrial Visit

Educational visits form the core of our efforts to give the students maximum technical knowledge. These visits help the students to go for the right careers.Technical education without being face to face to the actual activity places, is never going to be fruitful. Every year we develop a series of extraordinary pre-planned group tours for students from freshers to rising seniors.It provides opportunities to students to discover new things for themselves, through participation in hands-on activities.In the first place, these study tours mark a refreshing break from the routine and go ‘ beyond bookish.’ Travels and visits are not just the seeing of sights;. they trigger experiential learning that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.Thus happens real education as Francis Bacon opined, “Travel, in young sort, is a part of education, in the elderly, a part of experience.” Industrial